Do you require convincing technical documentation, legal translations, transcripts and subtitles, or marketing texts and media releases in accordance with EN ISO 17100 – Translation services?

Or would you like to give your website a fresh, multilingual look and feel? Then please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to fulfill your needs and requirements with empathy, in consideration of cultural differences.

As a translator with many years of experience and openness for new digital approaches, I translate innovative topics every day. Continuous learning and training help me to enrich my knowledge and keep up to date.

Whenever a flexible response to any text changes or updates is required, customers greatly benefit from the latest-generation Translation Memory technologies, which I have been using for many years. In cooperation with you, I build up complex specialist terminology to deliver excellent translations even when under time pressure.

Through text editing and proofreading I make sure that your message comes across and your texts meet the needs of your target group. Of particular importance to me are grammatical and orthographic correctness, as well as idiomatic wording.

When providing language training for companies and individuals, I place particular emphasis on imparting the practice-oriented knowledge required in a modern professional environment.

In today’s global world, job applications in English, German or French can open up new horizons. I am at your disposal to assist you in convincing potential employers that you are the perfect candidate.

Are you interested? I am happy to be at your service.

Fachübersetzungen, Lektorate, Beglaubigungen, Sprachschulungen, Bewerbungen

Specialist translations, proofreading services, language training, job applications

Traductions spécialisées, corrections d’épreuves, traductions certifiées conformes, formations linguistiques, demandes d’emploi

  • Specialist translations
  • Proofreading services
  • Language training
  • Job applications